Brett and Olivia have their first fight behind them as they head home to New Orleans on tonight's 'Married at First Sight' on Lifetime.

So which couple had their first major fight on last week's "Married at First Sight"?

Least likely: The equally laid-back twosome of Amelia and Bennett.

Most likely: Christina and Henry, who are struggling to find common ground, as the adventurous bride attempts to nudge her new hubby out of his comfort zone.

Well, wrong and wrong. It was nurse Olivia and Brett, who works in the IT field. What brought on the blowout?

The brides and the grooms, in separate groups, decided to rate their brand-new marriages on a 1-10 scale. Brett took offense at the idea itself, saying he wouldn't trivialize the relationship with a number. No sooner had he said that than he overheard Olivia, in the women's group nearby, rate them a 7-7½.

He called her rating "a gut punch," and back at their hotel room later, the gloves were off as they dove deep into the feelings behind the seemingly unsurprising number, considering the week before they hadn't even met each other yet.

Eventually, the pair ironed things out, and the next morning said they felt good about how they handling that first quarrel. 

As far as Wednesday night's seventh episode of the Lifetime reality show where complete strangers tie the knot, here's the network's synopsis of "The Honeymoon is Over":

"The five couples return from their honeymoon and move into their new homes together, but it doesn't take long for reality to set it. Now the real work begins."

Hold on to your seats. Sounds like a bumpy ride.

See what unfolds tonight at 7 on Lifetime (cable Channel 26 in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, and cable Channel 34 in New Orleans).

Meanwhile, since Kinetic Content shot this season in New Orleans (except for the honeymoon, of course), Lifetime has launched the "NOLA Night In" sweepstakes. The winner gets a private virtual cooking class, $200 VISA gift card, $300 Sur La Table gift card and Cafe Du Monde gift basket. Register at

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