Imagine a beloved 1980s cartoon with a Cajun twist.

That was part of Ash Reese’s thought process when he came up with “TundaMinous,” a web-series that hilariously chops up old episodes of “Thundercats” and features Cajun accents and storylines dubbed over the original animated series.

In just three weeks and six short episodes to its name, “TundaMinous” is gaining attention across social media. The pilot has nearly 15,000 views.

So far, the series has tackled plots like villian Mum-Roux wanting his Magna-Lite pot back from the hero Lyoneaux. Another running joke is Lyoneaux constantly losing his knife, then Ol Papaw Chaton coming to teach some wisdom.

“TundaMinous” started as a meme on the Facebook page cajUUUnMemes. After Reese’s memes featuring “ThunderCats” and Cajun culture did well, he started editing his voices and jokes into the show.

“All these comparisons between Cajun culture and this weird funky ’80s cartoon that isn’t any good popped up,” Reese said. “The more I thought about it, the more I saw it.”

The 40-year-old grew up in Church Point and now calls Lafayette home.

“I used to spend every weekend in Gueydan,” he said. “[Church Point and Gueydan] — that’s where all the voices come from. All these characters are based on my childhood. That’s how I grew up.”

A seventh episode should be out this week. Reese, who considers himself father of the brand CajuNerd and a social media humorist, said he has plans to do more than 20 episodes.

“I want to keep everything current,” he said. “I want it to be as relevant as ‘South Park’ or ‘Saturday Night Live.’ ”

Currently, Reese is building a team to help out with the “TundaMinous” production, which includes writer/consultant Tony Blanco and tech specialist/engineer Travis Gauthier.

Reese’s goal is to get the series to spread, but, so far, he’s been amazed by the support.

“It’s shocking,” he said. “I knew it would do well, that it would be funny and get a lot of views. But now, people are using lines from the show in their everyday lives. That’s something I get anxiety from because it touches me so deeply. It’s beyond me now.”

Check out a few episodes of “TundaMinous” below. Warning, some of the material may have offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised:

TundaMinous Episode 1 pilot

TundaMinous Episode 2

TundaMinous Episode 3

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