Denham Springs chef Chris Motto survived the heat on "Hell's Kitchen" last week, but his buddy, New Yorker Jose DeJesus, had to turn in his chef's coat.

In the episode titled "Poor Trev," all indications were that Chicago, Illinois contestant Trevor McGrath would be next to exit. The oft-whiny McGrath failed miserably in the blind taste challenge, not knowing his mangoes from his limes, or, even to host/chef Gordon Ramsay's amusement, his tomatoes from his peas. Meanwhile, peanut butter was the only thing  Mansurs' Motto got stuck on, venturing a guess of toasted coconut.

But the dinner service was DeJesus' downfall. Overseeing the veal saltimbocca at the charity event, DeJesus allowed several portions of still-raw veal to reach diner's tables. As happens at least once an episode, it was time for Ramsay to hurl a food-filled plate at a wall in disgust. Bye bye Jose.

Down to three men and four women, the teams tackle "Devilish Desserts" on Friday's episode.

"The remaining seven chefs face a dinner service for pastry chef Valerie Gordon (Valerie's Confections, LA), who will harshly judge each team's dessert, but poor communication results in kitchen chaos and one dramatic elimination before the next round," the episode description states.

And no doubt, a plate will hit the wall. 

"Hell's Kitchen" airs at 8 p.m. on FOX (cable Channel 6).

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