Although Jordan Chase was only a child during the years he and his family lived in the New Orleans area, the blues and soul permeating the city has stuck with him.

The 19-year-old singer, who now lives in Pensacola, Florida, brought those influences to "The Voice" stage last week, performing Drake White's “Makin’ Me Look Good Again." His blind audition in front of the NBC reality competition series' four mentors/judges landed him a spot on Team Blake (Shelton). 

Viewers will see Chase again in a couple of weeks when the show's battle rounds begin. In the meantime, he's back home in Pensacola, spending time with family, friends and all his new fans.

The Advocate caught up with him to talk about his experience on "The Voice" so far.

When did you audition for "The Voice?"

Well, I graduated high school on a Saturday, and I left for California that Sunday, so that was really cool. It was this summer.

Have you had any formal vocal training?

Not much. Close to my audition, I worked with some great vocal coaches (at "The Voice") that helped me out so much.

Who are some of the singers who influence you?

(Louisiana native) Marc Brousard, Allen Stone, Chris Stapleton, all those guys. I try to pick out little things from them, and just study their voices.

How did you go about choosing the song for your blind audition?

That song is the first song I ever sang in front of anybody, so I really just wanted to do that one again because it's so special to me. It was about 11 months ago, I was in the passenger seat of my car at Walmart and I sang it to my best friend. Yeah, it's pretty weird.

Why did you choose Shelton to be your coach over fellow "Voice" coach Gwen Stefani?

Blake is so real and so personable, and I know that I could be honest with him, not that I couldn't be honest with Gwen, but I just feel like he's so down to earth … and he knows blues and he knows country, that's his world, so I wanted to go with him.

This was your first audition. Why try out for "The Voice" as opposed to ABC's "American Idol" or NBC's "America's Got Talent"?

I've heard a lot of great things about "The Voice," and I know, from my experience, they are so personable. It was the greatest experience. I don't know how you could beat it.

Walk us through audition day.

That day, it was crazy. I think it started early in the morning, we started filming, doing little things like that, later on that day, they started prepping me for the audition, started getting my hair and stuff ready. They do a great job of getting you ready and everybody's so encouraging. You feel really good going out there.

And about that hair, have you always worn it long?

I started growing my hair out my freshman year of high school. It started out as a joke like, "How long can I get my hair?" And then I was like, "You know what, I'm just going to let it go." And here I am today.

When did you first catch the singing bug?

I've always kind of sung in the shower or the bathroom or something. I never wanted to sing in front of anybody because I was so insecure. I mean, you hear amazing singers and they're not scared to sing at all, and I'm over here just nervous, and don't want to open my mouth. I didn't know my voice back then. I sat in my room for hours and hours listening to those people (singers) I told you about, and I guess it just happened.

'The Voice'

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