Bring on the black leather, big hair and bad-boy attitude — "The Dirt" has arrived on Netflix.

The original movie is based on '80s rock band Mötley Crüe’s best-selling 2001 autobiography of the same name, subtitled "The Unbelievable Story of the World's Most Notorious Band Mötley Crüe." It was shot in and around New Orleans in March and April of 2018.

It follows the Crüe's rise to fame with hits like "Dr. Feelgood," "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Home Sweet Home," and the band's subsequent drug- and alcohol-infused implosion. The on-again, off-again glam metal band managed to sell more than 41 million records, nailing a spot in the history books as one of the best-selling bands of all time.

And, on Feb. 22, they released a new song, "The Dirt," produced for the film. Only in rock 'n' roll.

Leading the cast are Daniel Webber ("The Punisher") as singer Vince Neil, Douglas Booth ("Mary Shelley") as bassist Nikki Sixx, Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly ("Bird Box") as drummer Tommy Lee and Iwan Rheon ("Game of Thrones") as guitarist Mick Mars.

Viewers will notice some familiar sites, among them: French Quarter streets, because who films in the city without including the Quarter?; Le Pavillon hotel in the CBD, where the misbehaving foursome toss a TV out the window and onto a parked Mercedes; and the grand Orpheum Theater, where the band takes the stage for one of its raucous concerts.

It was at the Orpheum that Franklinton actor Charles Barber spent three days shooting his scenes for "The Dirt."

"I was Motley security," the 44-year-old Barber said in an email about his role. "I had the task of guarding the dressing rooms backstage, escorting to stage and back to dressing. 'Do not let ANY fans or cameras back stage,' they told me."

By day, Barber is a soil conservationist for USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. He's been acting since 2012 and credits his sideline to serendipity. 

"I got into acting by attending set with a friend one day," Barber recalled. "While waiting on him, I was asked to step in for a 'no show' and made contacts through that set and submitted for recurring cop roles on 'NCIS: New Orleans' and 'American Horror Story' the next week and booked both."

Actors Jim Klock, John Armijo and Michael Anglin, whom he met on various sets, taught him the basics of acting and stunts, Barber said.

Getting gig after gig playing a cop, or security guard as in "The Dirt," has given Barber some pause.

"Eighty percent of my work is cop/security, and I was very concerned about being typecast," he said. "So now I actually took a break from that to do several short films as different characters in hopes of landing other roles besides cop. But I do enjoy the cop roles and am very blessed and grateful to get any role."

Barber is working on the short film "Hell Heist," written and directed by Armijo ("Girls Trip," "Heart, Baby," "Preacher"), a New Orleans transplant known as "America's Movie Cop" for his many police and military character portrayals. Armijo also directed the fan short, "Hopeless, A Star Wars Story," coming out this summer.

Also on Netflix, viewers can catch Barber playing a cop and sharing a scene with Chevy Chase in the movie "The Last Laugh," and in the series "The First," alongside Sean Penn and Melissa George. Both projects were shot in the New Orleans area.

Barber's additional credits include "Heart, Baby" (2017), "Carter and June," "Meanwhile in Mississippi," "Jack Reacher," "LBJ," "The Book of Love" and "Bad Moms," (all 2016) and "Terminator Genisys" (2015). He's also appeared in commercials for Popeyes, Apple, Morris Bart and GMC.

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