Nicolas Cage file photo

Nicolas Cage in 2004

Filming for the movie "10 Double Zero" won't take place as scheduled this week in downtown Baton Rouge, and that gives actor Nicolas Cage's detective character a new case to work on.

Which actor caused the delay?

Producer Brent Johnson wouldn't say Monday, but he said the filming will resume in two weeks. No actor dropped out of the movie, but someone added to the cast was tied up this week.

"Sometimes actors can only work certain days or weeks or time frames because of other commitments," Johnson said. "Talent dictates your schedule often."

Cage stars in the movie as a detective "infamous for crossing the line when he has to," according to After several police officers are killed in a shootout, Cage's character and his partner (played by Sofia Pernas) set out to catch the killers.

Davis Rhorer, executive director of the Downtown Development District, said Monday city-parish officials had spent the past a few weeks preparing for street closures and working out other logistics to accommodate the film crew's five-day shooting schedule in the downtown area. Local officials learned Friday the plan had been scrubbed.

“When you shut down streets, you have to put up appropriate alternate routes signs and notices and that takes some work,” Rhorer said.

Filming was set to take place along the 100 and 200 blocks of Third Street, and parts of Florida Street and North Boulevard within 12-hour windows between Tuesday and Friday. Filming was to wrap up on Saturday with the all-day closure of Town Square Park. The Capital Area Transit System had also temporarily cancelled stops in the downtown area to accommodate filming.

In their public notice last week, the DDD said several of the sequences for the film would have included prop firearms and actors and stuntmen acting out “criminal activity.”

And that the scene set for filming on Saturday in Town Square Park would have involved audible gunfire and some “minimal explosive-type noise” and general commotion all throughout the day.

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