Take elements of "The View," mix in some of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and toss in a little "Watch What Happens Live."

Then sprinkle it all with glitter.

Now you've got an idea of what "Glitter & Gossip" is all about.

The four-woman local talk show makes its TV debut on Tuesday night. It's another quick climb for the talker, which began as an internet radio show nine months ago, expanding into a podcast at the end of 2018.

And that glitter?

"It's to get you feeling good," said host Kelli Hutchinson-Chappuis, of Walker. "And a little gossip we can't live without."

Hutchinson-Chappuis shares hosting duties with Baton Rougeans Kristi Langlois, Kelly Mentel and Jennifer Myers. And the kicker? They're all besties. At 23, Mentel is the youngster of the bunch. The other three admit only to being in their 30s.  

When friend Alfred Adams was establishing WBUZ95 Radio, he asked Hutchinson-Chappuis if she'd like to do an hourlong talk show. She'd honed her motivational speaking skills during her reign as Mrs. Louisiana State 2017-18. 

The owner of and stylist at The Hair Show in Baton Rouge didn't have to go far to recruit her first two co-hosts — stylist Langlois also manages the salon, and Mentel is assistant manager and stylist. The fourth piece of the puzzle — Article & Stitch boutique owner Myers — was a guest on the trio's second show.

"We became a unit," Hutchinson-Chappuis said. "Four best friends — it's easy. Everyone meshed well together."

Several segments to fill the 60 minutes soon evolved. 

Langlois gets the ball rolling with "Word of the Day." Last week's gem? "Abecedarian." It means arranged alphabetically. 

Mentel follows up with "Guilty Until Proven Fabulous."

"That way we can talk about people (often celebrities), but give them the thumbs-up at the end," Hutchinson-Chappuis said.

Myers uses her fashion expertise in her segment, "Haute Minute." 

The women prepare for their presentations independently.

"We don't sit down as a group first," Langlois said. "We like it to be more authentic, and more of what you think about what we're talking about, than already planning out what they're going to say."

"And we don't take ourselves too, too seriously," Mentel said. 

The listeners seem to like that, leaving five-star reviews of the podcasts, Hutchinson-Chappuis said.

"Our first show had 26 listeners," she recalled, laughing. "Our whole families weren't even listening. Now the radio show is hitting more than 20,000 listeners in that hour."

Fielding three TV offers, Hutchinson-Chappuis said they chose Pelican Broadcasting because the station airs in three markets — Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans. Pelican reaches 5 million homes, Langlois said.

Juggling a TV show and a podcast will mean double the preparation each week, the women said. The TV show will tape on Monday and air on Tuesday, the same day the podcast is recorded. The two shows will not share content.

"I will have 'Glam Session with Kelli,'" Hutchinson-Chappuis said. "I'll go over the glam things that are going on, new products, cool boutiques, things that are happening here.

"We want to stay more local with the TV show," she said. "New and now, people doing fabulous things … a little more cozy.  

"We're definitely swaying toward more of a comedy theme than too serious," she said. "We're all kind of silly."

Hutchinson-Chappuis, also executive producer, said airing at 8 p.m. will allow them to be "a little politically incorrect. We're going to be able to continue to be authentic."

'Glitter & Gossip'

WHEN: 8 p.m. Tuesdays, re-airing at 7 p.m. Thursdays

CHANNEL: Pelican Broadcasting, KPBN, Channel 11 (cable Channel 113)

INFO: glitterandgossipshow.com/

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