waynes world uber eats

Wayne (Mike Myers, left) and Garth (Dana Carvey have been doing a lot of eating all over the country, including in Baton Rouge, according to a new commercial.

Millions saw the Uber Eats ad during the Super Bowl featuring actors Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, along with singer Cardi B.

The actors' revival of their late '80s to early '90s characters Wayne and Garth from the "Saturday Night Live" skit, "Wayne's World," continues with related ads for the food delivery service, one mentioning Baton Rouge.

"To support local restaurants, we've been to every city, including Baton Rouge," Wayne says at the beginning of the spot, with emphasis on "Baton."

"And even Topeka," Garth chimes in.

"Jah, we're exhausted!" Wayne later states. 

Uber Eats does the localized "Tonight I'll be Eating" ads for many, but not all of their participating cities, according to Lexi Levin Mitchel, of Uber Eats' consumer communications. 

"In the 'Every City' spot, we featured Baton Rouge because we wanted to include small markets that aren't always in the spotlight and because Louisiana has a wonderful food culture," Mitchel said.

A nod to one of those wonderful morsels — the beignet — also shows up near the end of the commercial mentioning Boise, Idaho; and Bakersfield, California.

"I had so many beignets, I thought I was going to hurl," Wayne says.

Classic Wayne.

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