Chris Motto, executive chef at Manurs on the Boulevard, says FOX's 'Hell's Kitchen' taught him a lot and gave him a chance to work with incredible chefs.

After a holiday hiatus, Denham Springs chef Chris Motto and the other seven remaining contestants are back to cooking on FOX's "Hell's Kitchen" at 8 p.m. Friday.

In the episode titled "Poor Trev," "The dining room gets an Italian transformation for the blind taste test; and the two teams cook to honor supporters of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Waterkeeper Alliance, with a new five-course Italian menu," according to an episode description.

The "Trev" of the episode title refers to Chicago, Illinois contestant Trevor McGrath, who was dangerously close to getting the heave-ho from host Gordon Ramsay on the Dec. 14 episode. Although his nemesis, Atlanta's Scotley Innis, was sent packing last time, apparently McGrath's "hellish" problems are far from over.

Meanwhile, Motto, longtime executive chef at Mansurs on the Boulevard in Baton Rouge, is still very much in the running, garnering "well dones" from Ramsay as he often takes the leadership role for the men's team.

Although the season began with rookie contestants vying against veteran contestants from previous seasons (including McGrath),  Ramsay got fed up with that setup weeks ago, and redivided the two teams according to sex. The blue team (the women) continue to outshine the men overall in the competition.

"Hell's Kitchen" airs on WGMB, Channel 44 (cable Channel 6 in Baton Rouge) and KADN, Channel 15 (cable Channel 6) in Lafayette. 

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