Want to be in Will Smith's movie, "Sacred Motivation"? 

Central Casting Louisiana is looking for extras for scenes to be shot in the Baton Rouge/St. Francisville area soon. Although the movie has been filming in the state since July and plans to continue through January, potential extras will be asked about their availability to work during October.

"This film will tell the heroic story of Whipped Peter, an enslaved man, who escapes horrific conditions on a Louisiana plantation," a news release says. "He was a pivotal figure in exposing the brutality of slavery and served as a soldier in the Civil War against slavery."

African American and Caucasian men (18 and older) are needed to portray soldiers in the scenes. Union soldiers (mostly African American men) will be used for two-three days of filming, likely being Thursday and Friday, Oct. 21-22. Also needed are Confederate soldiers (Caucasian men) for scenes likely shooting Monday-Wednesday, Oct. 11-13. Since these scenes will depict the aftermath of a battle, extras should feel comfortable lying still and possibly having makeup applied to give the appearance of being dead.

Actors with flexible availability are sought, in case these dates change or shift.

A mid-nasal COVID test is required at least 48 hours prior to each filming day and costume fitting. COVID testing is available in New Orleans and in the Baton Rouge/St. Francisville area.

The payrate is $125 per film day (the film day is usually about 12 hours for adults, includes a lunch break) + $100 per COVID test + $31.25 for a two-hour costume fitting in New Orleans.

Those interested can fill out a short form at https://www.centralcasting.com/emancipation so they can be contacted with filming information.

Applying for 'Borders'

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Meanwhile, filming for the pilot for "Borders: The Series" will start Saturday at various locations within and near LSU's Baton Rouge campus.

Shooting is expected to last two days.

The project is helmed by Antac Entertainment in partnership with Vitruvian Films Corp. and Si Se Puede Productions, LLC. 

The episodic series will be pitched to major networks and streaming services including HBO, Netflix and Amazon, according to Antac. 

"'Borders: The Series' follows the journey of Roberto, a young Salvadorian student, factory worker and adoptee as he struggles to be a voice for the voiceless while at the same time balancing family loyalties," according to a news release. "Roberto is caught between two worlds: American and Salvadoreño, constantly being reminded that he doesn’t belong in either one."

Isaac Pletcher, a film and TV professor at LSU, wrote and directs the project,  collaborating with University of Virginia communications professor Anthony Palomba.

"Borders: The Series" will feature a majority LatinX cast, as well as a diverse production team which includes both women and minorities.

Those interested in a background role can email bordersproduction@gmail.com. Students seeking to volunteer or gain experience working on a film set are also encouraged to contact the production company.

Email Judy Bergeron at jbergeron@theadvocate.com.