Livingston native Laine Hardy sings 'Life is a Highway' from his porch on the May 10 episode of 'American Idol.'

Louisiana country singer and 2019 "American Idol" winner Laine Hardy took the stage on "Huckabee" on Saturday to perform his latest song, “Tiny Town.”

"Huckabee," described as a "front porch" music and talk show and airing on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), is hosted by former Arkansas Gov. and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. 

In his intro, Huckabee called the 19-year-old Hardy "somewhat of an expert on small towns" because he's from Livingston Parish. He also asked Hardy about his unsuccessful attempt to win the "Idol" title when he first auditioned in 2018.

"I'm so like introverted … so the first time  going through, I was just really scared and shy, but the second time I was more open to things," he said.  

Hardy's appearance also is available to stream on Huckabee.TV, along with an exclusive live performance of “Ground I Grew Up On."

He also just released a "pop-up video" version of the official music video for “Ground I Grew Up On."

"A throwback to Pop Up Video of VH1, this latest version contains 'info bubbles' of trivia and fun facts about Laine, as well as a glimpse into how the video was filmed in his hometown of Livingston, Louisiana (pop. 1,931)," according to Buena Vista Records.

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