As ABC firefighter drama series "Station 19's" scripts continue to track real-life events of the past year, Thursday night's episode offered up a name familiar to Louisiana viewers — Alton Sterling.

Sterling, killed in a police officer-involved shooting in Baton Rouge in July 2016 that set off weeks of protests, was among the names of Black victims of police-involved deaths across the U.S. in recent years recited during a scene involving character Victoria "Vic" (Barrett Doss), a firefighter, and her family.

"When Vic helps her parents through a devastating loss, they have a long overdue conversation about the anguish of being Black in America," the episode synopsis reads.

In the scene, the parents' mom-and-pop restaurant in Seattle is set afire by rioters during a protest following the May 2020 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. As the family still assesses the building's damage, a TV news reporter enters seeking a comment on their loss.

Vic's parents Anthony (Rick Worthy) and Lenya (Svetlana Efremova) explain that they can rebuild, but the larger issue is lives lost forever.

"You know as my parents said, this isn't actually about our restaurant, this is about the people whose lives were taken," Vic says. "They were taken from their families who loved and cared about them and that they cared about. This is about justice for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and Charleena Lyles."

"And Manuel Ellis and Michael Brown and India Kager and Atatiana Jefferson," Anthony continues.

"And Sandra Bland," Vic adds.

"And Tamir Rice and Rekia Boyd," Lenya says.

"And Alton Sterling and Freddie Gray and Tarika Wilson and Eric Garner and Janisha Fonville and Philando Castille and Korryn Gaines and Tony McDade," Vic goes on. "And Tanisha Anderson and Elijah McClain and Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier and Kathyrn Johnston and Javier Ambler and Yvette Smith and Jamar Clark."

Her voice fades away as the scene ends.

"Station 19," airing at 7 p.m. Thursdays on ABC, wraps its fourth season on June 3. All episodes stream the next day at and on Hulu.

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