Four episodes into its sophomore season, USA Network’s “Satisfaction” is racier, sexier and more fun.

That’s the word from New Orleans native and former Baton Rougean Katherine LaNasa, who’s back for more as the scheming high-end madam Adriana.

The actress spoke from Los Angeles, her primary home, having wrapped shooting in Atlanta for the drama’s 10-episode season. On air, the season finale is set for Dec. 18.

“It was fun. I think for fans of Adriana, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her this season,” LaNasa said.

Is Adriana evolving this season?

“Does a sociopath evolve?” she answered, laughing. “I don’t know if they do or not. I think the character development on the part of our writers has evolved.”

The twisted tale that is “Satisfaction” spins around investment adviser Neil Truman (Matt Passmore, “The Glades”) and his wife, Grace (Stephanie Szostak, “Devil Wears Prada”). With their relationship slumping, Neil finds out Grace has been seeing a male escort. Pull Adriana into this mix, and stuff happens, big time.

“We get more into her (Adriana), we see more vulnerability, we get more of her back story,” LaNasa said. “But I think the maniacal deviant that we’ve all come to love, or hate, and enjoy is still there.”

Show runners kept it in the family this season when casting a father for male escort Simon (Blair Redford).

“The role had come up and I had suggested actor Michael Nouri (‘NCIS’, ‘The Slap’), who I adore, to the producers because the way the character was described I thought Mike would be right,” LaNasa explained. “They thought he was too old for the part. The character (Arthur), he has this young wife, they wanted a believable relationship. So I said, ‘What about Grant?’”

LaNasa’s better half, Grant Show (“Melrose Place”), was already in Atlanta working on the Lifetime series “Devious Maids.”

“They let us borrow him on his days off so it was great,” she said.

Ironically, the couple have no “satisfying” scenes together.

“I didn’t even see him at work. We’d have to like force ourselves to run into each other … he starts in the second episode and he is wonderful,” she said.

Offering a bit of behind-the-scenes info, LaNasa explained that Adriana’s house on the show is an existing structure, while Neil and Grace’s ultra-modern home is a studio set designed to mirror an actual home in Atlanta used for the exterior shots.

“I’m actually friends with those people,” LaNasa said of the real owners of Adriana’s on-screen home. “They’re lovely, I quite like them. I have a whole room downstairs for myself and my daughter (Eloise, 19 months) who they’ve known since she was a baby.”

LaNasa said the show only uses a small part of the huge contemporary house.

“I bring the babysitter, and make myself at home,” she said.

Primarily inside these two sets, and another studio set serving as Simon’s apartment, the character-driven drama is unfolding more rapidly this season, LaNasa said she believes.

“I think the twists and turns in the relationships between the main characters are just a lot more complicated. We sort of all get really involved with each other, and I think that plays out in a very interesting way. It’s like the way Sean (Jablonski, creator) puts the show together, you never really know who’s friend or foe.”