'Save-Yourselves!' still

Sunita Mani, left, and John Reynolds star in the alien invasion comedy/drama 'Save Yourselves!,' now available on Hulu.

TikTok, Twitter, text messages — the stream of content continues, but what if you gave this super-connected world a disconnection notice? Getting away from the buzz is one half of the 2020 Sundance hit, "Save Yourselves!," now streaming on Hulu.

In this indie, a Brooklyn couple resolves to turn off their iPhones and spend a week in a cabin in the woods. The other half of the film is that the couple does so as alien "pouffes" invade Earth.

"Save Yourselves!" pokes fun at a generation that pines for FaceTime more than physical interaction. However, writer/directors Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson give audiences hope that it's OK to try to be better.

At the center of the movie is Su (Sunita Mani of "GLOW," "The Good Place") and Jack (John Reynolds of "Search Party"), a typically hipster couple. Jack obsesses over sourdough starter kits. Su transcribes how-to guides from Pinterest posts into a fresh Moleskine. They speak in superlatives and party on rooftops but want something more than evenings of doom-scrolling.

After meeting an old friend named Raph (Ben Sinclair) at a party, Su and Jack are amazed at his organic-ness. Raph speaks of reusable energy, Patagonia crystals and living in seclusion, then offers the cabin to the couple for a week. On a whim, Su and Jack decide to go for it — to reflect and become those better humans they often discuss being in passing.

Then the "pouffes" come. These literal fuzz balls without a face drink Ethanol and destroy Brooklyn as Su and Jack are meditating in a kayak in upstate New York. But, the aliens expand their domination, forcing the couple to reconnect with reality and fast-forward their progress from dreamers to survivors.

"Save Yourselves!" is silly and lighthearted, but the timing couldn't be better. Most 30-somethings face that decision, "Do I change my entire world?" only to reckon with some inexplicable, unrelated crisis on the other side of that question. For the current generation, the crisis is the pandemic, but also inequality, corruption and the constant notifications of these uncontrollable forces plus updates from friends who just discovered the hashtag "namaslay."

In the midst of the chaos, here is a couple simply trying to be good. The natural panic, love and goofiness that comes from their reactions is meant to make you chuckle and/or roll your eyes. By the end of the movie, though, you'll wish you had their heart. 

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