New Orleans' Sophie White, as Claire Witherdale, shares a scene with Oliver Platt, who plays Dr. Daniel Charles, on tonight's episode of 'Chicago Med' titled 'It's All In The Family.' 

New Orleans' Sophie White will guest-star on Wednesday's episode of the medical drama series "Chicago Med" at 7 p.m. on NBC.

White will portray Claire Witherdale in the episode titled "It's All in the Family.'

"Dr. Manning's actions with a recent patient lead to serious repercussions; April and Noah disagree over a patient who is injured after a beating; and Dr. Charles is visited by a childhood friend," the episode synopsis states.

White, well-known in the Louisiana film community as a producer, is now focusing on acting. Other TV projects include the dramas  "Tell Me Your Secrets" and "We All Think We're Special." 

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