Paranormal investigator Jereme Leonard, former FBI agent Ben Hansen and psychic medium Sarah Lemos, from left, are the paranormal investigative team behind Travel Channel’s new series, 'Ghosts of Morgan City.'

Ghosts in Morgan City? Who knew?

And apparently there are enough of the apparitions for an eight-episode Travel Channel series premiering Friday night.

“Ghosts of Morgan City” starts at 8 p.m. 

"Town Police Chief James 'Bo' Blair recruits local paranormal investigator Jereme Leonard, who teams up with former FBI agent Ben Hansen and psychic medium Sarah Lemos to look into the incidents," a news release says.

In tonight's episode, the trio gets word about a shapeshifting mist in the area.

‘Ada and the Doc’ book on old murder case gets new life

"The puzzling details take on new meaning when they discover the mist has ties to the first female executed in Louisiana," the release also says.

That woman was Ada Leboeuf. Her infamous  double murder trial is chronicled in the 2000 Charles M. Hargroder book “Ada and the Doc: An Account of the Ada Leboeuf-Thomas Dreher Murder Case.” 

“It starts July 1, 1927, with the murder of James LeBoeuf and ends Feb. 1, 1929, with the execution of his wife, Ada Bonner LeBoeuf and her alleged lover, Dr. Thomas Dreher,” retired Nicholls State University librarian Fran Middleton told The Advocate in 2014.

Looks like the spirit of the hanged LeBoeuf might still be wandering the town. 

Working with local historian Diane Wiltz, the paranormal team finds out from Morgan City Mayor Frank “Boo” Grizzaffi that the hauntings have spread throughout St. Mary Parish. That's when the police departments of Patterson, Berwick and Franklin get involved in the "ghostly infestation," as the show calls it.

“We knew we had a whole new series when we heard about all the unnerving hauntings in the bayou,” said Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel. “Morgan City and surrounding St. Mary Parish are filled with rich history, deep-rooted superstitions and larger-than-life characters, and it’s all set against the beautiful, yet eerie backdrop of Cajun Country.”

Viewers may recognize the investigative team from a similiar Travel Channel series, "Ghosts of Shepherdstown," about paranormal activity in that West Virginia town.

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“Ghosts of Morgan City” is produced by MAK Pictures for Travel Channel. 

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