Actor Wes Brown always likes coming home.

In October, work brought the Baton Rouge native back to Louisiana for five days of shooting over a two-week span for his guest-starring role on Tuesday’s episode of the CBS crime drama “NCIS: New Orleans.” It’s the eighth episode for the freshman series, another spin-off of “NCIS.”

“I play Petty Officer Phil Martino, who was basically an old friend of Lucas Black’s character, Chris LaSalle, who is helping to solve a murder that took place of a young cadet who my character trained,” Brown said last week from Los Angeles. “So we’re old Navy buddies, is what we really are.”

In the episode, titled “Love Hurts,” the NCIS team investigates the murder of a petty officer found in a Mardi Gras float storage facility with an engagement ring and proposal plan in hand. However, the case takes a mysterious turn when the team is unable to locate his supposed longtime girlfriend, a synopsis from CBS states.

“Everything was done (filmed) either in Harahan on the sound stages or in the French Quarter,” Brown said. Yes, that French Quarter office interior used in many of the show’s scenes is acutally in Harahan, Brown said.

It wasn’t the first on an “NCIS” set for the Parkview Baptist and LSU alum, who now lives in L.A.

Brown also guest-starred as Marine 1st Lt. Jeremy Nolan on an episode of the original Mark Harmon-starring “NCIS” in 2011.

The New Orleans spin-off stars Scott Bakula, Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan and CCH Pounder.

Bakula’s Special Agent Dwayne Pride pours on his version of a Southern drawl, while Black’s Christopher LaSalle uses his born-and-bred Alabama speak. McLellan’s character, Meredith Brody, is a recent transfer to the Big Easy still learning the Nawlins ropes.

“They really amp up the fact that they’re in Louisiana, that they’re in New Orleans, but when you really think about the show, its not just being played in Louisiana,” Brown said. “It’s a worldwide show, and one of the reasons they set it in New Orleans is because, you know, people love it there. That’s the reason I think they amp up those Louisiana-isms, those quirks. I think it’s really cool.”

Also cool for Brown was spending his free time hanging out in the city.

“I actually ran into, randomly walking down the street one night, (chef) John Besh, who’s one of my heroes. Things like that simply don’t happen in another city.

“It was nice to get to the city and visit, and get to really explore the city in a way that I’ve never really gotten to do before.”

Brown spent two hours at the National World War II Museum one afternoon.

“Two hours is not enough. It was absolutely beauitful how detailed it was and how much information, and I’ll probably do one or two days next time. I ate at a lot of different places, went down to the markets, and once again got to go to an LSU game (against Kentucky), and that’s always a plus.”

Brown’s last continuing roles were on NBC’s 2013 drama “Deception” and on Fox’s “90210” in 2012.

He’s also appeared on “Desperate Housewives,” “Hart of Dixie,” “Private Practice,” the Louisiana-set “True Blood” and numerous other TV movies and series.