The Amazing Race

Daniel, left, and Eric Guiffreda, twin Gonzales firefighters, were eliminated from 'The Amazing Race' during a two-hour episode Wednesday night.

"We didn't have rhythm, so now we've got the blues."

Always quick with the one-liners, Daniel Guiffreda, of Gonzales, was still joking Wednesday night as he and identical twin brother, Eric Guiffreda, of Prairieville, were eliminated from the 30th season of CBS' "The Amazing Race."

The 33-year-old Ponchatoula natives, both firefighters/paramedics with the Gonzales Fire Department, came in last on the eighth leg of the globe-trekking reality competition series.

Pitching a safari tent at the Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservatory in Marondera, Zimbabwe — no problem. Getting an off-road vehicle out of a mug bog — aggravating but doable. Performing the Four Brothers song "Pasi Pano Pane Zviedzo" on stage — painful for all involved.   

The teams had a vocal coach to help them learn the pronunciation of the song's Shona language lyrics. Besides singing it correctly, they had to get the rhythm right as well, all while dancing to the rollicking beat. After several failed attempts, the brothers finally got a thumbs-up from the band, but it was too late.

They arrived at the finish mat last and received the bad news from host Phil Keoghan. In next week's episode, the remaining five teams head to Manama, Bahrain, to continue their race.

"I just want to thank everyone for the overwhelming show of love, support and encouragement for Daniel and I while on 'The Amazing Race' as well as before and after," Eric Guiffreda posted on Facebook on Thursday morning. "It's been an amazing ride throughout the process and the travels and we are so thankful for being blessed with such a unique and great experience, from the great cast we had the opportunity to race with, the places and people of the countries we visited, and most of all the people back home from family, friends and people we do not even know that reached out with support and encouragement … we sincerely say THANK YOU!"

The season premiered Jan. 3, and the teams have so far traveled from New York to Iceland, Belgium, Morocco, France and the Czech Republic before hitting Zimbabwe. The race ends in San Francisco, and that episode  airs Feb. 21.   

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