Quadry 'Malik Ruff'

The cover of Quadry's new album, 'Malik Ruff,' was created by Edny Jean Joseph.

Everything about Quadry’s new record echoes effortless style, from a multitude of chill-friendly beats to the pop art on the album’s cover. On “Malik Ruff,” which was released Nov. 2, the 23-year-old wordsmith spits with the confidence and creativity of a hip-hop veteran.

Quadry takes a few different lyrical directions on his new project. He bounces between stoned optimism and thoughtful distress on “Bluegrass,” then cranks the intensity with “Louis” as sirens ring out in the background.

Quadry’s flow is truly diverse and always impressive. He swaggers with the trap drums of beats by DJ Dahi on “Pirelli” and “Hot Headed.” Later, the rapper lays down quick lines with polished perfection — for proof, listen to any verse on “Bible in the Water.”

Stylistically “Malik Ruff” has something for every hip-hop fan. “Need to Hear” is a personal favorite track that sees Quadry rapping over a slo-mo sample of John Mayer’s “The Heart of Life.”

The project includes a refreshing amount of instrumentation on top of the usual 808s and sharp snares. Effects-laden electric guitars, classic piano and rich brass all make appearances on the 13-track release. Quadry even allows a few R&B vocalists in on the hooks, like Tev’n (also listed as an executive producer along with Brock Korsan and Quadry) and Black Party, who contributes to “Cross (New Shoes).”

Quadry has made a potent statement with “Malik Ruff” — one that deserves support in Baton Rouge and respect from the hip-hop major leagues.

Find the album at quadry.bandcamp.com.