Thou, a metal quintet with roots in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, continues to make waves on a national level.

After releasing its critically-acclaimed “Heathen” last year (which music website Pitchfork named the best metal album of 2014), Thou has continued its prolific ways.

Just this year, the band has released “You, Whom I’ve Always Hated,” a collaborative album with The Body, a sludge metal duo from Providence, Rhode Island.

While in the midst of a west coast tour, the bands will perform Sunday at Seattle’s KEXP for the radio station’s metal show “Seek & Destroy.” The performance will be streamed live at midnight (pacific time) at

While driving to Portland, Thou drummer Josh Nee shared some insight into the bands’ collaboration process.

“The first time [Thou] played with The Body must have been 2011,” Nee said. “After that, we did a couple of tours together. Bryan [Funck of Thou] and Lee Buford [the drummer of The Body] started writing songs together.”

The first collaboration, “Released From Love,” was an EP that came out in 2014. The latest Thou and The Body album is a full-length. The recording process had its challenges and rewards, Nee said.

“[The Body] is a wonderful band,” he said. “They’re hilarious. Being around them for extended periods of time is very easy. It was something we all wanted to pursue, without a doubt.

“Writing the material was a little more difficult. The guitarists [of Thou and The Body] had some riffs, but we didn’t really have a plan beyond that. Playing with two drummers can be challenging as well, especially in a band that loud, where you can’t always hear each other.”

Nee describes the music as “oppressively loud.” Some of the guitar tunings are an entire octave and half step below the standard E. Listening to The Body and Thou is like being engulfed in a wave of distortion.

“The wall of sound thing — The Body is famous for it,” Nee said. “I remember seeing them for the first time, and my eyelashes were fluttering from vibrations. Adding [Thou guitarists] Matthew Thudium and Andy Gibbs and [Thou bassist] Mitch Wells to that just kicks it up another level.”