Getting older, it’s a son of a gun.

Love, confusion and all the ingredients that come with adulthood are the topics on hand on Brass Bed’s latest album, “In the Yellow Leaf.”

The Lafayette band is back home after an East Coast tour. Brass Bed will celebrate the album’s release Friday with a show at Feed N Seed. Rad Wagon will open the show. Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12.

Right off the bat, “In the Yellow Leaf” starts with singer/guitarist Christiaan Mader tackling the future unknown on “Maiden Voyage.” A few songs later, the band is racing through “I Am Just a Whisper,” nodding to its existence in the grand scheme of life.

Earlier this year, Mader made no bones about how the album was the band coming to terms with itself, its age.

“I really like the concept of things turning color, that struck me,” Mader, 31, said. “The weird thing about aging is no matter how young you are, you’re not getting younger.”

“In the Yellow Leaf” is Brass Bed’s fourth album. In the decade that the band has been together, members have come and gone, yet its core of Mader, guitarist/bassist/singer Jonny Campos and drummer Peter DeHart has remained.

The psychedelic sounds are still intact, and the band is tight as ever, even though it’s an effort that was recorded in patches in Lafayette; Sacramento, California; and Austin, Texas.

The band has delivered its most cohesive set to date — one that would fit right alongside those reverb-tinged laments of the much-blogged-about indie/alternative bands.

Think The Walkmen and The National, but less drunk on wine. Think Broken Social Scene, but less hippie. Think Grizzly Bear, but not from New York.

Discussions of aging and life can be overwhelming. No one wants to be the guy in the coffee shop, rattling off clever asides about how we are all ants. If you want that, listen to Father John Misty.

If you want to hear the sound of a band catching the beauty of life as it passes them by, listen to “In the Yellow Leaf.”

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