Dealing with a government agency like FEMA, you're sure to get "your skirt a little ruffled." Hence, the name of John Schneider's new album, "Ruffled Skirts."

Schneider, best known as Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard television show, lives and runs a movie studio in Holden, where flood waters last summer caused severe damage to his home and business.

In an interview with Parade magazine, Schneider says that experience inspired most of the songs on the album, making it deeply personal.

(The "Ruffled Skirts" title also refers to how flood waters damaged and washed away the skirting on mobile homes in the area.)

"The album was recorded in the living room of our house that we no longer live in because it got destroyed," Schneider said. "But we recorded in there because it was built in 1910, it had great wood floors and it just sounded really good in there."

In an August interview with The Advocate, Schneider reaffirmed his allegiance to his adopted home state: "We're not going to let something like this drive us away," he says. "Louisiana is home, and I still believe there's no better place to be."

He also noted a positive among so much destruction.

"Four weeks ago, we were on our way to becoming a divided community, and it was ugly," he said in August. "Now, all I see is people who don't see color. I see people who are black and white who are just seeing people who need help, and they're giving help."

That sentiment inspired one song on the new album, he told Parade, which he titled "Acts of God."

See the full Parade interview here.