James Fogle is a rocker, a realtor, and owner of the new shop, Baton Rouge Music Exchange.

If you’ve been in the music scene long enough, you’ve probably seen Fogle around, giving you his two cents about your tunes.

However, since opening his store on Perkins Road behind Black Torch Tattoo, Fogle and his crew have provided musicians with an outlet to sell their wares as well as find a new piece of gear.

In between writing songs and selling houses, Fogle took five minutes to list his Top Five Desert Island Discs — the albums he would need if stranded.

“I can rattle them right off, in order,” Fogle said. “These are the few records, to me, where there’s not a bad song on the record.”

1. “The Nightfly” by Donald Fagen

“I once had that CD in my car for about five months and never took it out. That’s my favorite album of all time. It goes against a lot of stuff I like. It’s very sterile, real dry and digital sounding, but I just love it.”

2. “From Langley Park to Memphis” by Prefab Sprout

“When I first heard it, I hated it. Then, it just dawned on me; it’s super-slick. People I play it for, they’re like, ‘What is this? Broadway? Show tunes?’?”

3. “Two Wheels Good” by Prefab Sprout

“That one, I immediately liked. It’s got all the sounds of the era, but it’s grittier in sound and subject matter.”

4. The Producers’ self-titled

“A band from Georgia, this came out in 1981. They played around here a whole lot. It’s one of the most sugary-sweet, pop-perfect records you’ve ever heard. The keyboards are in between Big Star and Madonna.”

5. “Travels” by Pat Metheny Group

“He’s an unbelievable, world-renowned jazz guitar player. There’s no category for the music he does. This is a double-live record. If I had to categorize it, it would be world music, but there’s serious big-time musicianship and crazy guitar leads going on.”

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