Neon Mountain

The cover for Neon Mountain's new self-titled album

Earlier this year, Baton Rouge producer and songwriter Cohen Hartman released "The Incredible Destructor," an album years in the making that brought together 21 musicians. In his second release of the year, the new self-titled album by Neon Mountain, there are only six musicians, but Hartman again shows his knack for bringing together area talent to create bold, grandiose projects.

Neon Mountain has spent more than two years working on this latest full-length, and the band's deliberation shows. Dynamic instrumentals doused in spacey effects span the album. Synthy melodies, bright guitars and digital drums give it all a dreamy pop feel.

The track “Silver Tree Island” captures the project’s colorful, almost psychedelic sound. Neon Mountain places cascading guitar lines and pulsing synthesizers under Hartman’s catchy vocal hooks, creating a track that's elevated on account of exceptional songwriting. Despite having the melodic quality of a pop song, “Silver Tree Island” still sounds experimental with stretches of ambient, airy soundscape.

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Neon Mountain is a creative force, and its self-titled sophomore effort is a refreshing brew of new-age synth-pop and kaleidoscopic indie rock. The project’s ingenious compositions, laborious production, mixing and mastering make it a sound for sore ears and a welcomed departure from the ordinary.

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