Glitchell EP cover

Glitchell's new EP, 'Grumpy Truck'

Todd Alexander has seen a lot during his 20-something years in the Baton Rouge music community. He’s been around long enough to notice a cyclical pattern, he said, one that sees bands, venues and audiences come and go. But his band, Glitchell, has persevered.

Alexander, the band’s singer, founded Glitchell in 2006. Last month, the group released an EP titled “Grumpy Truck,” Glitchell’s first release since its 2013 self-titled album. The project’s four tracks are upbeat, energized pop punk fueled by breakneck tempos, roaring guitar tones and Alexander’s emotive lyrics.

Glitchell’s extensive track record as a live band translates to the recordings on “Grumpy Truck.” Each musician is on point, keeping every song tight even at the genre’s distinct whirlwind pace.

With a runtime of just over 10 minutes, the EP will leave you wanting more. Glitchell’s prior recordings offer the same playful pop punk, but “Grumpy Truck” boasts a cleaner, brighter mix that retrospectively leaves the group’s first album sounding muddy by comparison.

Glitchell has been a constant in the Baton Rouge punk scene for well over a decade, and the band’s latest EP only adds to its legacy. “Baton Rouge, for all its faults, has been good to Glitchell,” Alexander said.

Listen, and you’ll understand why.

Glitchell's “Grumpy Truck” EP is available at

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