LA Spring album cover

The cover of 'LA Spring,' a new experimental collaboration between Hal Lambert and Mitchell Mobley

Since December, Hal Lambert and Mitchell Mobley have been experimenting like musical mad scientists, improvising obscure soundscapes in unconventional ways.

On the duo’s recent project, “LA Spring,” you’ll hear Lambert play his electric guitar with a screwdriver, scrape the instrument against the ground and even unplug entirely. Meanwhile, Mobley creates peculiar percussive sounds using glass jars, bells, knives, saw blades and cymbals. The result is a collection of ever-evolving soundscapes that defy musical conventions.

When Lambert went searching via social media for Baton Rouge's experimental scene, he was looking, he said, for people who made “anything weird.” Mobley, a trained percussionist through LSU’s school of music, was the only one who responded.

“I only created music like this in theory," Mobley said, "so the idea of collaborating with someone who actually does it, and does it well, was really exciting to me.”

Following months of noisy sessions, Lambert and Mobley decided to compile their recorded experiments on “LA Spring.” Because every performance is improvised, the album was necessary to document the pair’s unique creations.

There are no melodies, no time signatures, no lyrics on "LA Spring" — in fact, the album doesn’t even bother with song titles. These recordings are pure experimentations in sound. 

Lambert and Mobley have created a sonic conversation between two composers, one that ebbs, flows and carries the listener into an almost meditative trance. If you’re looking for sounds so strange they border on hypnotic, "LA Spring" fits the bill.

“LA Spring” can be found at

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