Review: This week in local music - Mayhaps _lowres

Photo provided by Mayhaps -- Baton Rouge alternative rock band Mayhaps has released its self-titled debut EP.


An alternative-rock band with a knack for epic refrains and post-rock feels, Mayhaps has finally released its debut EP, and it’s mostly a winner.

The Baton Rouge group features singer/guitarist Norbert Redmond IV, singer/bassist Stephen Tanguis and drummer Zach Smotherman.

The trio has been together for a good couple of years now, and that experience can be heard on this well-crafted debut.

Throughout each track, the band goes from idea to idea, letting each part breathe — sometimes too much. Call it psychedelic college rock.

Take “Drifting Away,” the opening track that begins with more than a minute of atmosphere before Redmond sings “Of all the fish in the sea/You’re making a meal out of me.”

It’s a clever, heartfelt turn — and that’s what the band excels in.

Just when you’ve got a song figured out, they throw a piano lick on top of everything and go in a different direction.

“Epoch” starts with a radio recording of an angry man shouting about politics before Redmond and Tanguis start singing about a distant Utopia.

“Falling Up,” the final song, is the only track that doesn’t quite have the oomph of the rest of the disc. However, the EP is compelling. You hear a band hitting for the fences with its arrangements.

On “Tides,” the guys sing “I’m getting out of my head for good this time.” If that means the band will get in the studio more often and churn out discs like this, then I’m all for it.

Mayhaps will perform Thursday at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge with The Rakers and Janelle & The Gentleman. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 online.

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