Adam Dollar 'What If'

The cover for Adam Dollar$'s new EP, 'What If'

Every verse on “What If,” the new EP by Adam Dollar$, is worth paying attention to. The Baton Rouge emcee disperses clever wordplay throughout each song, creating a witty work dense with lyrical skill.

“What If” demonstrates the emcee’s ability to package thoughtful lines in perfectly-timed rhythm, starting from the first cut. Razor-sharp flow and no-nonsense lyricism define his latest project. In six songs, the rapper covers introspective ballads (“Lord Knows”), club bangers (“Go Wit the Move”) and Dirty South hip-hop (“Where You At”).

The EP’s beat production leans on the genre’s typical bass-forward trap drums, but the energy varies from song to song. Track “So Alive” offers a relaxed, almost somber piano melody, while “Go Wit the Move” utilizes more digital samples and a fast-paced rhythm. Whatever the vibe, Adam Dollar$ adapts and delivers.

In a game infected by mumble rappers and mediocre material, hip-hop needs talented, lyrical artists now more than ever. On his new EP, “What If,” Adam Dollar$ shows he’s ready to preserve hip-hop prowess.

This new EP adds to Adam Dollar$'s already impressive collection. “What If” sounds more mainstream than 2016’s “$upreme Abdul​-​Jabbar EP” and “Analog $ummer,” a strategy that may earn him more exposure in Baton Rouge and beyond.

Whatever happens, Adam Dollar$ is still doing what he does best: rapping for rap’s sake.

"What If" is streaming on major music platforms. Adam Dollar$ is on Twitter @AdamDollars.