Norb 'Little Things' album cover

Norb's 'Little Things'

Norbert Redmond IV isn't a stranger to songwriting. The Baton Rouge musician co-founded and has written music for the band Mayhaps; has played in groups like Borderline Cuckoo, We Landed on the Moon! and He Bleeds Fireman; and has taught music around the area since 2011.

Along the way, he's drafted plenty of tunes and stowed them away for safekeeping.

Redmond has brought many of those works to life on his first solo project, "Little Things," under the moniker Norb. Using an alternative rock blueprint, Redmond is vivid and honest in his storytelling.

“I called the folder for the demos on my computer ‘backburners’ because that's what they felt like,” Redmond said. But as he began performing those songs around town, he noticed a positive reaction, later deciding to record and release them as “Little Things."

Perhaps his audiences connected with the plainspoken, relatable quality of the music, heard best on the tracks “Prisoner of Invention,” a rambling declaration of his ambitions as a musician, and “Sunny Day,” which sees Redmond describing the comically unremarkable view from his front yard.

Redmond isn’t breaking any new sonic ground on “Little Things” — guitar, keys, bass and drums create an easily digested soft rock sound with a familiarity that helps his lyrics land with listeners. Rather than experiment musically, Redmond makes this project a practice in self-expression that allows him to wear his heart on his sleeve and tell his stories his way.

“Little Things” is available on major streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. Find Norb on Facebook at

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