Wonder Kid 'over.'

The cover of Wonder Kid's debut EP, 'over.' Cover artwork created by Kara Heck.

Hammond’s Wonder Kid is off to a strong start with its debut EP, "over." The five-track project, released in November, is a dense and diverse set of emotional post-hardcore that puts intellectual writing and composition at the forefront.

Lead singer and guitarist Ryan Church's clear, pronounced vocal style highlights the band's vulnerable lyricism. And along with Church, Wonder Kid is made up of talented musicians: bass player Nathan Heck, guitarist Adrian Joseph Rotondo-McCord and drummer Max Wolfgang Stratmann.

The talent of each player materializes in a strangely satisfying fusion of emo, indie and surf rock. Styles on “over.” bounce around, from aggressive rock on “waves.” to the airy pop of “cycles.,” and band members point to a wide array of influences that have swayed the sound, which makes the music the more difficult to define. Half-jokingly, Wonder Kid coined its own genre to describe its music: MopeVVave. For a better handle on what exactly that is, check out the band's Instagram.

Wonder Kid broaches several sensitive subjects on the EP. “cycles.” speaks out on mental health and questions what we call normal, while “friends.” takes a heartbreaking look at the inevitable loss of loved ones.

“over.” showcases a crew of gifted musicians and writers. Wonder Kid’s EP takes introspective verse and packages it in complex, guitar-heavy rock that pushes fans to glance inward and, hopefully, mope with a smile.

Wonder Kid's music can be found online at wonderkidtheband.bandcamp.com.