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Devin World's 'If Time Were Mine, I Would Slow It Down'

Vincent Medina’s academic endeavors have taken him great distances in the last five years.

After earning an undergraduate degree in Tampa, Florida, and a master's degree from Seton Hall University in New Jersey, he is in Baton Rouge pursuing a Ph.D. But no matter where he’s studying, Medina finds a way to make music.

As an undergrad, Medina wrote songs for Tampa bands Draem Girl and Alien Stickers, and after moving north, he started another project called Summer’s June. Now without a group, Medina has created a solo moniker, Devin World.

His new Devin World EP, “If Time Were Mine, I Would Slow It Down,” includes four quick originals, each recorded in his bedroom with an iPhone.

The songs on the album are as thoughtful as they are minimal. Medina uses only three musical elements: his voice, an acoustic guitar and a drum machine. With that straightforward setup and a simplistic recording process, Medina translates his ideas into song with little interference.

“As Devin World, you can hear precisely how ideas sound in my head,” he said. Medina covers themes of insecurity and being yourself on “Strange” and “With My Shadow.” The songwriter also includes a stripped-down love song, “Please Let That Be You.”

By becoming Devin World, Medina uses his knack for songwriting on his own terms and his intellect to compose introspective lyrics. What the EP may lack in high fidelity sound, it makes up for in artistic ingenuity.

“If Time Were Mine, I Would Slow It Down” is available on major streaming services and at

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