Stevie Spring album cover

Stevie Spring's 'Glue'

If you know the name Stevie Spring, its likely for his face-melting contributions to Baton Rouge psych-rock mainstay Loudness War or for his role in the jazzy hip-hop ensemble _thesmoothcat & The 9th Life. But lately, Spring has been writing and producing lo-fi acoustic pop as a personal side project.

Spring dropped his new album, “Glue,” on Sept. 6, and it’s an endearing departure from his previous work.

Spring strips his tunes down to their bare skeletons on this nine-track project, exposing his sincerest feelings through honest, whip-smart songwriting. “This project is one of vulnerability and personal growth,” Spring writes in the album’s description. “I feel naked sharing these.”

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Spring’s music is inspired by people — friends, love interests, those he can’t get off his mind. He explores unforgettable personalities on “I Can’t Not Think of You” and the value of self love and friendship on “In Debt.” With the playful and adorable “Molly,” Spring sings in tribute to a woman who enjoys coconut La Croix.

“As long as there are people in my life, I’ll never be uninspired,” he writes.

The musical compositions on “Glue” are every bit as charming as the lyrics. Spring builds harmonies by layering his own vocals, accompanied by a clean acoustic guitar, subtle bass and lo-fi drum rhythms. Several times on this project, Spring’s falsetto and melodies reminded me of a young John Lennon and The Beatles’ early work.

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“Glue” is an undeniable display of talent and another testament to Springs ability as a songwriter. This musician has no shortage of material, either. Just last week he dropped a five-song EP called “Pour Prince Pepto,” which weaves electric instruments into a more energized, dancey pop sound.

“Glue” is now available on major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music and at

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