Baton Rouge Music Studios is settling in to its new home.

The educational music venue moved from Bluebonnet Boulevard to Burbank Drive about six months ago. The new space is double the size of BRMS’ old home and has a recording studio, concert venue and classrooms.

To welcome in new students and show off next semester’s programs, BRMS will host an open house Saturday.

The event starts at 11 a.m. and features free food, tours of the venue and performances from some of the studio’s many bands.

BRMS operations manager Carolyn Ray says the event will showcase the new space as well as new course offerings. Among those courses is an advanced industry training program that teaches students the music business.

In advanced industry, students have to audition to be in the band and complete requirements such as booking gigs and attending business workshops.

BRMS is also still offering its Young Band Nation program that features students teaming up, learning songs and creating their very own bands. One notable band to come out of the program is the local young rock duo The Chambers.

Already, the Young Band Nation program has nine bands. Ray says the venue is hoping to get a few more this weekend.

With the new location, Ray says business has been going well.

“We’re loving the new facility,” she says. “Since we have the concert and practice spaces and recording studio under the same roof, we have been getting used to navigating the building and programs we offer. We have quickly been booking more students in our band program and have a steady flow of private lessons.”

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