Kinky Vanilla

Kinky Vanilla's debut 'Shake Hands With Danger'

Kinky Vanilla may by my new favorite flavor of rock ‘n’ roll.

This Baton Rouge psychedelic garage rock four-piece has played around south Louisiana since 2016 and has finally recorded its battle-tested originals. The band released its debut EP, "Shake Hands With Danger," in September.

For Kinky Vanilla, if vanilla is the rock foundation, the group gets its kinks from psychedelic progressions and big guitar riffs. “Shake Hands With Danger” ropes in a variety of rock’s subgenres, everything from the driving garage sound of opening track “Lovesick” to the psyched out prog rock on “A Friendly Grin” and “Desert Grave.” On the latter, lead singer Robert Nodier evokes Jim Morrison on top of a dynamic and mind-bending track.

Kinky Vanilla has been playing some of these songs for years. On the EP, those tracks feel broken in, comfy and loose. The mix is warm and spacious, giving the record a home-grown charm.

Fans of psych, prog and clear-cut rock ‘n’ roll should eat up this sample of what Kinky Vanilla is capable of.

“Shake Hands With Danger” is available on Spotify and at

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