UNCRWND album cover

The cover for John Anthony's debut LP, 'UNCRWND'

South Louisiana rapper John Anthony encapsulates the ambition of his debut album in one verse.

"We all work towards a dream, ain't that the essence of life?" he spits on the track "For the Dreamers," on his debut LP, "UNCRWND."

A nine-track project powered by the hunger to be a dominant force in the hip-hop landscape, "UNCRWND" means always having something to strive toward, Anthony says.

The album shows Anthony’s dreams of making it may be well within reach.

Anthony’s lyrics have substance, whether reflecting on his progress on “Mendez Street” or taking a brief ego trip on tracks like “Monster” and “Public Figure.” The wordsmith’s cadence is tight and his wordplay gives you more to think about with each listen.

Production from Baton Rouge hip-hop artist Michael Armstead gives the project a sound that stands out from the trap-influenced beats taking over hip-hop and even today’s pop. The use of vocal sampling on “Growing Pains” and “Exit Stage Left” make both tracks' beats refreshing alternatives to typical turnt rap, while synth-y keys give “For the Dreamers” and “Mendez Street” a melodic twist. Anthony and Armstead make excellent collaborators.

“UNCRWND” is a notable debut for Anthony and a definite first step in the right direction. By reflecting on his ambitions through music, this hungry south Louisiana rapper is that much closer to achieving them.

“UNCRWND” can be found on major streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. instagram.com/uncrwnd_king.

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