Shadow People 'Secrets'

Shadow People's new EP, 'Secrets'

Shadow People’s style of hardcore noise punk and sludge metal is the kind of music born from anger, booze and bitter creative energy. On its new EP, “Secrets,” the Baton Rouge band delivers plenty of each.

The trio spews harsh hard rock on the new project, its first release since 2017’s full-length album “Pharamoans.” By comparison, “Secrets” brings the same heavy sound of its predecessor with a few moderate alterations.

Bass player Zak Lanius and drummer Percy Bergeron offer the same aggressive, pulsing rhythms of their previous work. Vocalist and guitarist Matt Conradi’s contributions differ, however. Conradi’s anguished vocals are less prominent in the mix, allowing the instrumental elements to shine.

Each of the three tracks on “Secrets” is mysteriously named and personified: “Pamela,” “Naomi” and “Edward.” Each balances deep, dark sludge metal with brighter guitar sounds. It’s as if Shadow People applies pressure until the listener can hardly breathe, then eases into more tolerable melodies.

“Pamela” is a great example of this heavy harmony. The track mutates from depressive hard rock to full-blown doom in a matter of minutes. By the end, Shadow People land somewhere in between as Conradi’s guitar screeches full of feedback.

Shadow People’s recent EP blasts the ears with a relentless onslaught of screams, distorted power chords and deafening drums. If “Secrets” is a taste of what is to come from Shadow People in 2019, the next year is sure to be a heavy one.

Shadow People will play an EP release show on Friday at Southside Arts Center, 524 N. Foster Drive. 9 p.m. $5. Shadow People's music can be found at