Igmatic album cover

“Bloom,” the new album from Baton Rouge rapper Igmatic, features smart rhymes and slick, jazzy beats, but ultimately, it ends up as a collection of typical, if not burnt out, chill-hop.

While Igmatic is pursuing an overarching theme of growth on the album, as if the artist is blooming with every track, “Bloom” offers little evolution of sound. Each song echoes the one before it — despite utilizing beats from a handful of different producers, such as Thovo, Syndrome, Be Franky and fravo.

The project does have its highlights, such as the standout track “Chilluminati,” featuring fellow Baton Rouge emcee _thesmoothcat. Here the two wordsmiths rap over wavy keys and a catchy bass line. But Igmatic’s verses pale in comparison to _thesmoothcat’s contribution.

Igmatic rhymes with more confidence on the old school tribute “Dumb,” but again the rapper ends up plagued by a better verse from collaborator Weauxë.

Much of the album’s success comes from pleasant, sample-based production. Igmatic has a decent cadence and flow over the instrumentals, but the lyrics lack thoughtful deliberation. While laying down plenty of clever one-liners, Igmatic doesn't tie it all together into a complete story.

“Bloom” is a valiant effort that falls short of spectacular. Most tracks are easily overlooked hip-hop that pleases the ear but hardly flexes the mind. It’s the type of music played at a party without anyone fully paying attention to its contents, reduced to the drum patterns and jazz samples that make the project agreeable and, consequently, mundane.

Igmatic’s “Bloom” can be found online at igmatic.bandcamp.com.