Birthdays are special, and we do run items about parties for those turning 90 and older. We wish we could run everyone’s celebration, but that's just not possible. Today we're making an exception. After all, what good are rules if you can’t bend them every now and then.

Wendy Lipsey recently celebrated a unique birthday — her fifth as a liver and kidney transplant recipient.

In 2015, Wendy was 72 hours away from death when a selfless donor became her hero. Today, Wendy is alive and busy as a spokeswoman for the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency. She not only got to celebrate her 50th birthday but the 21st birthday of son Luke, something she never thought possible.

“I am so grateful to donors and donor families that say yes to organ donation,” says Wendy. “I am passionate about helping save more lives and educating as many people as I can about organ donation. Please get a check the organ donor box on your driver’s license, sign up at and make sure your family knows your wishes to be an organ donor."

Black History Month

The Big Buddy program celebrated Black History Month and the Harlem Renaissance on Feb. 20 at the East Baton Rouge Main Library on Goodwood with a program, "Big Buddy Finds Inspiration in Harlem." A swinging showcase featured spoken word, music, dance, visual art and dramatic performances.

The Harlem Renaissance was the period, chiefly the 1920s, of vigorous growth and development of African American culture, especially as exemplified by the work of the many writers, musicians and more in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. 

Pets for Life

Companion Animal Alliance got a little good news when the Charles Lamar Family Foundation came through to replace its Pets for Life van, which was stolen in December.

Pets for Life coordinator Paula Shaw says the organization provides spaying and neutering services as well as medications and pet care supplies for families in the 70802, 70805 and 70807 ZIP codes.

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