Glen “Big Baby” Davis returned home recently for the fourth annual “Booking It With Baby” literacy tour, which kicked off July 10 with the unveiling of the Big Baby & Hollingsworth Reading Center at the Eden Park Library. Reading to the kiddoes was none other than Big Baby himself.

Later that afternoon, he was at the Goodwood Main Library for a donor reception. The impressive guest list waiting to visit with the man of the hour included Gaye and Mike Hollingsworth; Mayor Kip Holden; East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore; the Rev. Raymond Jetson, whose Star Hill Church hosted Big Baby’s Family & Friends Day two days later; and two familiar faces to LSU fans, former coach Gerry DiNardo and wife Terri.

I, of course, had another reason for wanting to chat with Davis. Back when he was a student at Sherwood Middle School, he played football with my oldest son, Michael Kennon, and since the school bus didn’t run after football practice he had to catch the city bus home. It picked up about a mile from the school so I would give him a ride to the bus stop and, sometimes, money to pay his fare. I reminded him of that at the reception and got a great big bear hug that was more than enough thanks.

In all, Davis visited four sites to read to local children, encouraging them to stay in school and away from “defiant behavior and criminal activity.” He also hosted the “Bowling with Baby & Friends” fundraiser. If you’d like to help in the Glen “Big Baby” Davis Foundation’s mission, visit

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