Driving down Stanford Avenue towards LSU from Interstate 10, there’s a gated entry wall and a brick driveway leading up to a home just south of Hyacinth across from University Lake. It’s a little hard to see the home from the avenue, and that’s on purpose. Come along and have a look at what’s behind that big entry wall.

The original 1,000-square-foot cottage at 1560 Stanford Ave. – built sometime around the 1930s – is for all intents and purposes gone. In its place is a 5,000-square-foot residence, nestled among the century-old live oaks on the 1.17-acre property. The home is a labor of love by its current owner, who bought the house in 1981 and has been renovating, expanding and improving it ever since.

A long hallway traverses the center of the home from the rear entry to the front. During the summer solstice, incredible sunsets are visible the length of the center hallway, according to the owner. With interesting angles and a skylight above, this hallway is not merely a way to get from place to place in the home, it is an integral element of the home’s design.

Red oak floors are predominant throughout this home. In a neat twist, two bookshelves in the home’s music room contain secret passageways to rooms housing a media closet and a safe room.

The home was thoughtfully redesigned and constructed so that people inside have fabulous lake views without seeing the traffic on Stanford Avenue.

The home has smart phone capability as well as a home automation system with security cameras and controls for the HVAC system, lighting, and both entry gates. The home’s formal entry is from Stanford Avenue, but there’s another private entry off Hyacinth Ave.

Like the central hallway, the entry and driveway from Stanford Avenue is a highlight, not just a way to get up to the home. It took more than two years to build the entry, which uses hard tan bricks from New Orleans as a driving surface. The same bricks are used in a carriageway on the side of the home.

The kitchen has ceramic tile floors and Corian counter tops. Painted cabinetry – some with glass fronts – is beautifully finished with stone handles and drawer pulls. A big KitchenAid refrigerator and the dishwasher are paneled to perfectly match the cabinets.

The builder of this home apparently appreciated the convenience and neat look of pocket doors. They’re everywhere in this house. These doors are harder to install, but you don’t have swinging doors getting in the way.

Two guest suites with full baths, as well as other “social enclave” areas are along the center hallway. Some of these “spaces with a purpose” are on the western end (front) of the home. The “Lake Room” and the “Sunset Room” both have fabulous lake views through massive, 24-light windows. The “Lake Room” has a fireplace and the “Sunset Room” probably has the best views of the lake and its spectacular sunsets.

The home has a large back yard and a front fountain courtyard, both adding to the appeal of this beautiful Stanford Avenue residence.

About this Home


1560 Stanford Ave.

Lot size:

111 x 366 x 98 x 218 feet

(1.17 acres)

Living area:

5,011 square feet




Three full, two partial



Marketing agent:

Steven D. Olivier,

Perfect Places

and Properties

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