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One of our "tall tales" contributors, Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, tells us he's really from a very small place. Here's how Joe describes it: 

Linda M. Lewis, aka "Llew," of York Township, Pennsylvania, says mention of the year's last day, 123123, "prompted me to write.

Our Tuesday story about mishaps at early Saints games in Tulane Stadium reminded Bill Bankhead, of Baton Rouge, of similar events in Tiger Stadium when he was LSU's director of intramural sports:

Here's a story from the New Orleans Book Festival by The Advocate/Times-Picayune's Gordon Russell, managing editor for investigations:

Dear Smiley: Many years ago I lived in Chester, Pennsylvania. During Lent I attended the daily noon Mass at St. Michael's.

Earl Higgins, of River Ridge, retired Navy commander, says, "When I was on active duty, ships received allotments of coffee — lots of it — so we drank free coffee all day.

Dear Smiley: During my "tween" years of 1974-75, I hired on with the New Orleans Street Department to get money to enroll in Nicholls State.

As I mentioned in an earlier column, Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, is possibly my only contributor who's a card-carrying member of the Burlington, Wisconsin, Liars Club.

Monday’s story about a volunteer at a Marine Corps boot camp reminded Pat Hogan, of Covington, of a tale his dad, Joseph T. Hogan, told about his boot camp experience:

The Super Bowl is over, but folks are still talking about sports. Here's a sports story that should bring back some memories to folks in parts of Acadiana:  

Dear Smiley: My grandson Evan, a third-year medical student, recently got to help deliver his first baby, an emergency C-section.