Rebecca Wisbar says, "My 4-year-old neighbor, Kane Melancon, shared a plan to head to the North Pole to see Santa making toys. (Yes, the subject of Santa Claus came up already.)

"I cautioned him that if Santa knew Kane was watching him, Santa might not bring toys.

"Kane pondered that thought before a conspiratorial glint came into his eyes. 'Miss Rebecca,' he whispered, 'we can dress in camouflage and Santa will never see us.'

"Spoken like a true south Louisiana child."

(Good idea — and his white rubber shrimpers' boots won't show up in the snow at the North Pole.)

Generation chasm

Kids have a way of making us old folks feel like … old folks.

Karen Poirrier, of Lutcher, offers an example:

"While dining with family and friends at a surprise birthday party to celebrate my 75th birthday, 4-year-old granddaughter Kenley insisted that she sit by Paw Paw and Grandmother.

"While eating french fries with ketchup, Kenley asked me how ketchup was made. I told her I didn't know, but when she came for a sleepover, we'd look up a recipe on the internet.

"Smacking her lips impatiently, she said, 'Use your cellphone NOW!'

"Smiley, once again, I realized I'm far from being technology-savvy."

Remembering Muddy

Paul Duffy answers a reader's question:

"Regarding Bonnie Raitt and Sippie Wallace at the Kingfish in Baton Rouge — Muddy Waters was indeed there.

"It was a three-night gig filming it for a documentary that I don't think ever made it to air. I was there all three nights and got some great pics of all three.

"One of the nights, my friend Jimmy Strickland brought me backstage to meet 'The Mud.' He was sitting in the storeroom by himself, on a stool under a bare lightbulb and, as he said, 'suppin' a little wuskey.' I still have that mental picture burned in my memory.

"I don't know if you remember, but Sippie was in her finest Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, with an old style mink stole … with the full head on."

Try tongue

Emile Goettz, of Slidell, says, "With so many writing about their favorite sandwich meat, I am surprised no one has mentioned one of my favorites from back in the day — lunch tongue.

"I know of only one place where it can still be bought. That is 'down in the parish' — St. Bernard. I believe they make their own. Just as it used to be."

Which reminds me

Years ago, I judged a meat cooking contest in Opelousas with the legendary Tony Chachere. The summer event was in a steel livestock barn on the Yambilee grounds, and all the grills, smokers and other cooking devices made the heat almost unbearable for me.

I was wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt but still felt like I was on one of the grills. Tony, however, was cool and collected in a white suit. He was delighted when one cook brought up some smoked tongue and dug in with gusto.

To me, it looked like, well, a big tongue, and I passed. I've been told since that it's a delicacy, and if I ever come across one again, I might give it a try. 

Special People Dept.

  • Perlin Varenhholt, of Pensacola, Florida, celebrates her 95th birthday Thursday, Aug. 30. She is formerly of Old Jefferson and The Gatehouse in Metairie.
  • Al and Mary Crochet celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, Aug. 30.
  • Pat and Jim Ammon, of Metairie, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, Aug. 30.
  • Joseph and Billie Civello celebrate 60 years of marriage Thursday, Aug. 30.
  • Earl and Joanne Daigle LeBlanc celebrate their 60th anniversary on Thursday, Aug. 30.
  • Larry and Gwen “Squeezer” Martinez, of White Castle, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, Aug. 30.

Groaner of the Week

"Cootsie from Slaughter" gives this report:

A beauty supply story in Central was broken into — they busted out the glass in the door and made away with various supplies, including a large amount of hair coloring.

"The police said it looked like a job by dye-hard criminals."

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