David C. Peltier, of Thibodaux, is an LSU fan who knows where to draw the line:

"After a deer suffered its unfortunate demise when I was traveling though Mississippi returning from the LSU-Vanderbilt football game a few weeks back, I was stuck with a bright 'Florida Gator orange' Dodge as a replacement vehicle.

"This morning the rental company was kind and let me switch to a silver Ford SUV after I complained about having to take the 'Orange Monster' to the LSU-Florida game this weekend."

Irish Light

Richard Fossey, of Baton Rouge, continues our Coors beer discussion:

"My friend Don from Breaux Bridge drinks Coors Light beer and only Coors Light beer.

"But when he went to Ireland with his wife Dianne, he found that the Irish don't appreciate light beer as much as the Americans, and they don't sell it anywhere. Most of them drink Guinness.

"So Don went into a pub in Dublin and told the bartender, 'I know you don't sell American light beer, but serve me the closest thing you have to a Coors Light.'

"'Certainly, sir,' the bartender replied coldly. In a few minutes, he came back and served Don a glass of water."

Mountain brew?

Cliff Gillio adds to our seemingly endless discussion of Coors beer with this comment:

"A contributor to the Monday column wrote that Coors is produced in 8 breweries.

"I have an LSU grad nephew who worked at both the Miller brewery in Milwaukee and the Golden, Colorado, brewery, so I learned that Coors Light 'Silver Bullets' are produced in both, but Banquet is only produced in Golden.

"Coors keeps 'Brewed in Golden Colorado with Rocky Mountain Water' on their Banquet packaging. The 'import' efforts in the ‘70s and ‘80s were for Banquet, not Silver Bullets."

Business Insider's website says that the company does indeed claim that Banquet is brewed only in Golden, Colorado.

And the site adds that in 2016 a Florida man sued the company, claiming that ads about "Rocky Mountain spring water," etc., induced him to buy the more expensive Coors Light over other beers.

He claimed he was dismayed to learn that Coors Light was brewed in other places, hence the suit.

Notice I said a Florida guy… 

Blowin' in the street

Martin Audiffred, of Mandeville, asks, "Do you think people who use lawn blowers believe that what they are blowing will disappear?

"Do they not understand that it will go on the street, in the drainage, in the neighbors' yards, and even on my car as I pass by?

"Get a rake and pick it up!"

(As I've mentioned before, my wife Lady Katherine says leaf blowers are a guy thing, satisfying a guy's love of loud machines, whether they're useful or not. She says that's why you seldom see a woman using one of them.)

Trip from hell

In our Nostalgia Corner, Gertie M. Beauford recalls travel difficulties during World War II:

"My mom traveled on a hot Trailways bus from Baton Rouge to Natchez with me and my little brother — 3 of us in a 2-person seat — and no AC.

"The aisles were full of standing soldiers on leave. My little brother mostly laid on the floor and screamed. When we finally got home, Mom put us all directly to bed!"

Special People Dept.

  • Matilda "Tina" Harrell celebrates her 97th birthday  Wednesday, Oct. 9.
  • Richard Pastorek celebrates his 95th birthday Wednesday, Oct. 9. He is a Navy veteran, serving in the Pacific Theater during World War II.
  • Didier “Bobby” and Dorothy Hebert, of Lafayette, celebrate 74 years of marriage Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Squirrelly time

Our Tuesday revelation that Metairie doesn't want squirrels in its parks brought several comments about the little rodents. For example:

Lois Shofstahl says, "Just do not relocate them to Green Leaves in Mandeville.

"WE are the animals in cages that they watch while making a mess munching on pine cones and teething on my yard furniture."

Glenn Fuselier, of Morgan City, offers a typical Louisiana solution to the squirrel situation:

"How to relocate trapped squirrels:

"First, you make a roux…"


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