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The auto-correct feature on our devices can lead to some memorable mistakes:

Kathy Stone, of Baton Rouge, says, "During Hurricane Ida power outages, a young woman on the Ring security app wrote:

"'Does anyone know a good and trustworthy, licensed and bonded electrician who is also adorable?'

"Later that day, she wrote a correction:

"'Does anyone know a good and trustworthy, licensed and bonded electrician who is also AFFORDABLE?'”

Poor Mr. Fix-It!

Speaking of repairs, J.B. Castagnos, of Donaldsonville, says: "I used to like generators, but after nine days of working on them from dawn to dusk I'm having second thoughts.

"I went to a friend's to check his. He told me how much he appreciated it, because he didn't know a thing about them.

"Then he was over my shoulder making suggestions at every move.

"I asked if he could go get something for me.

"He said, 'Sure, what?'

"I said, 'Anything; it doesn't matter.'"

Green scream

Edie Bender, referring to mentions of college cheers, says, "Representing a minority in Baton Rouge, I ask you to please include one more odd cheer."

She means Tulane Green Wave fans. Edie adds, "Give us a break. Our mascot is essentially water."

As a favor to Edie (who once brought me live-saving chicken soup when I had pneumonia), here's her cheer:











Cheer of fame

Bill Huey, of Baton Rouge, comments on Bill Bankhead's tale in the Wednesday column about a famous LSU cheer:

"I can report that when touring the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame last week while evacuated to Natchitoches, the 'Hot Boudin' cheer was on a continuous loop. Brought back memories, for sure."

Coming clean

"This past weekend I was amazed at the women of south Baton Rouge!" says Jonna Leinweber.

"A lady named Babette saw linemen in her yard, went out and asked what she could do for them.

"Before you know it, she had put out a message on the Nextdoor app, and organized the 'Laundry Ladies!'

"By Sunday afternoon more than 52 loads of laundry had been washed and picked back up by the linemen!

"This isn't your normal laundry: these men have to wear fire retardant clothing which is very heavy; it takes a while to wash and dry.

"Baton Rouge people are amazing! Shout out to Babette for her awesome organization skills, and the Laundry Ladies!"

Cool move

Glenn "Cool Man Luke" Balentine, of Prairieville, says, "After losing power for six days, it was restored Saturday afternoon, only to go bye-bye Sunday evening.

"After 14 more hours without A/C, we were thrilled to see the cavalry arrive and check out our power lines.

"I spoke with the crew, from Cincinnati, and we shared our love of Joe Burrow, the Bengals' quarterback.

"They said Louisiana was feeding them and treating them right.

"As they left, I played 'Wichita Lineman' on my phone."

Special People Dept.

— Octave Barovechio, of Metairie, celebrates his 100th birthday Sunday, Sept. 12. He is a Navy veteran of World War II.

— Louise Seal Watson, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 97th birthday Saturday, Sept. 11. She is originally from Washington Parish.

— Jack Hartley, of Harahan, celebrates his 94th birthday Friday, Sept. 10. He served in the Merchant Marines in World War II, and the Army during the Korean conflict (8224th Engineering Construction Group).

— Sylvia Ann Rabalais Carrio, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 94th birthday Saturday, Sept. 11. She is a retired registered nurse.

— Calvin Golden, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 91st birthday Friday, Sept. 10. He is a Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War and the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

— Mark and Barbara DeLaune, of St. Amant, celebrate 50 years of marriage Saturday, Sept. 11.

Move over, Rover

Isby Schexnayder, of New Iberia, says, "My wife Julaine and I were drinking coffee this morning when I told her, 'I see in Smiley Anders' column that today is our 59th anniversary.'

"She said, 'It sure is, and we will have to go out tonight and celebrate big time.'

"I told her, 'Well, the 60th would warrant that, but there ain't much to the 59th.'

"I am wondering if there is a country-western song called 'You Are in the Doghouse Now?'”

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