Dear Smiley: I first encountered autocorrect when I emailed you instead of the old "stamp on an envelope" method.

It corrected "Smiley" to "Smelly." Fortunately, I noticed it before I hit send.

Now there is a another type of autocorrection that you might have experienced. My brother has it and seems to be a little ambivalent as to whether he likes it or not.

For example, we were talking on the phone and he said that they had gone to Costco on Friday to do some shopping. In the background I heard, "It was Thursday."

He says, "I guess it was actually Thursday. Anyway, I bought some really nice rib-eyes at a good price."

In the background I hear, "They were New York strips." And so it went.

I don't think he has to pay extra for the service. It seems to come with most longtime marriages.



Primitive cooling

Dear Smiley: I remember a guy from Mamou by the name of Israel who told me of remembering as a child with no electricity that he and siblings would fan themselves with a piece of cardboard and would finally fall asleep sweaty and exhausted from the effort.



Summer neckwear

Dear Smiley: I was surprised reading your pre-AC items Thursday that you did not mention the ubiquitous “Grandma beads.”

For the unknowing, that is a row of sweat-filled dirt around a young boy's neck that somehow combined dirt and sweat into a continuous ring.

I had no sisters, so I don’t know if the condition affected the fairer sex. I do recall my mother vigorously washing them away with a wash cloth.



Talkin' ’bout generation

Dear Smiley: A recent writer mentioned Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and the power going off.

It is why we bought a generator. For that event, our refrigerators blossomed with melting food. All of our neighbors in the O'Neal Lane area started grilling and sharing food and stories. Amazing.

About that generator: We had it in Panama City Beach, Florida, in 2018 when Hurricane Michael hit.

We had work crews from Georgia less than 100 feet from our door.

Minutes before the opening kickoff for the LSU-Georgia football game, we had the generator running and an outside antenna roaring with LSU news.

It wasn't good news for Georgia Bulldogs fans.

Half of the work crew was pulling FOR us! The other half was ALL Georgia.

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They all begged us to keep them posted on the score (we won, 36-16).


Tyler, Texas

Seeing double

Dear Smiley: I grew up an avid fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

One Saturday in the mid-’60s, when I was in grad school at LSU, Iowa was scheduled to play the Oregon State Beavers on TV. Since my wife and I did not own a TV, I went to The Pastime to watch the game with a couple of buddies.

Iowa won the toss, and on its first series completed a pass for about a 20-yard gain. I let out a medium cheer, and got puzzled looks from other patrons.

I looked back to the screen to see an eerily similar play unfold, with the same result. I jumped out of my chair, fist in the air, and yelled, "They did it again!"

The entire room exploded with laughter. First time I had seen instant replay.



Gloating cheer

Dear Smiley: One last cheer for your collection:

“Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon rind. Look at the scoreboard and see who’s behind."

To be used only when your team is winning.


Ville Platte

Selective memory

Dear Smiley: I’m cooking in the kitchen, my back to the TV. Wife is watching some old TV Westerns.

I hear a voice. I guessed it was Noah Beery, later famous for acting on "The Rockford Files." I turned around and yup, correct.

Later, still in the kitchen, I hear another voice. Yup, it’s Robert Blake, on horseback, way way before "Baretta."

Later, I turn around and recognize Maggie Peterson on "Rawhide," later known as Charlene on "The Andy Griffith Show."

Now, if only I can remember where I placed my car keys.

Oh well.


Upper Lafayette

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