"Letters from readers about Sears reminded me of an experience I had in the 1950s," says John Carver.

"I worked in a Sears service station when it opened in Gulfport, Mississippi, in 1953. I had worked at a station in Long Beach since eighth grade, making enough to buy several older cars.

"After attending Mississippi State, I bought a 1949 Chevy Sport Coupe. I decided to order a dual exhaust system for it. Since I knew the service manager at the Sears station where I had worked, I ordered the exhaust system through Sears catalog mail order.

"I picked it up as soon as it arrived. I thought the package was small and rather light for what I had ordered, and took it straight to the service manager. He opened it, and we both broke out laughing!

"They had sent me a violin! The manager called the mail order office and, playing the violin, asked them if that sounded like a dual exhaust system!

"I gave up — never did get the dual exhausts!"

Salty clue

Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, says our story about getting a crease across your nose from drinking booze out of a Mason jar reminded him of this:

"A maintenance supervisor at a local plant stopped off for 2-3 beers every day after work. One day there was an emergency at the plant and, knowing his habits, the plant called the bar and asked the bartender to send him back.

"A new guard, suspecting excessive drinking, refused to let him in. Furious, he had the guard call his boss to authorize his entry.

"The guard told his boss, 'He will have less trouble in the future if he will just wipe the salt off the tip of his nose.'”

Mickey's memories

Our mention of the death of Mickey Montalbano, Baton Rouge's legendary rock promoter, caused Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, to recall Mickey's Gold Nugget, a Nicholson Drive steak house.

A 1994 Advocate story by Tom Guarisco, written on the closing of Mickey's, told how Robert Yarbro and Glenn Abbott, after a very rewarding visit to the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas in 1972, named the steak house they opened in 1973 after the casino and their friend Mickey.

Jay Lehmann, of Natchez, Mississippi, bought the restaurant in 1983 and operated it until it closed.

It was, as I recall, in an old Bluebird drive-in building, but the modest abode housed a first-class eatery.

Which reminds me

Back in the late '70s or early '80s I was visiting friends at the old LSU Married Students Apartments on Nicholson Drive on the afternoon before an LSU home football game.

I was late attempting to leave, and was trapped by the game traffic on Nicholson.

It was dinnertime and we were hungry, but I assured my hosts I'd take care of the dining problem.

I walked down to Mickey's for some rib-eye steak dinners to go. When I walked back and presented them with the repast, my friends were amazed at my ingenuity.

I explained that I had learned in Boy Scouts to "be prepared."            

Special People Dept.

  • Camile Van Gorden celebrates her 95th birthday on Sunday, Nov. 18. She moved to Baton Rouge from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  
  • Ted Castillo, the "Prep Talker," who covered high school sports for The Morning Advocate for many years, celebrated his 94th birthday on Sunday, Nov. 11.
  • Stella Caracci celebrates her 93rd birthday on Friday, Nov. 16. On Saturday, Nov. 17, Stella and her husband Joe Caracci celebrate 67 years of marriage.
  • Eula Frederic, of St. Amant, now a resident of Ascension Oaks in Gonzales, celebrates her 90th birthday on Saturday, Nov 17.
  • Linton Manuel, of Jackson, celebrated his 90th birthday on Thursday, Nov. 15. He served on the East Feliciana Parish Police Jury and Jackson Town Council.
  • Russ and Laurie Kercher, of Mandeville, celebrate their 56th anniversary on Saturday, Nov. 17.

No comment

Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, who says, "You know I read everything in The Advocate," even reads the property transfers.

She says that in Sunday's paper she learned that on Oct. 23, a lot in "Magnesiaville" sold for $7,762.

"Must be a retirement community," observes Marsha.

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