Dear Smiley: Squirrel stories abound in your columns lately, but they’re all about human hunters.

A few days ago, I was under an oak in my yard picking up twigs and small branches "pruned" from the tree by wind and squirrels.

Something hit my head and bounced to the ground — an acorn. As I continued picking up the debris, another acorn hit my head. I looked up, and there on a limb was a squirrel, looking down at me.

He was more accurate (two for two) than some of the human hunters in your column.


Morgan City

Pest disposal

Dear Smiley: Since we are on furry animals, mine is about a mouse.

My wife, Jo Ann, discovered a mouse problem in our house in Del Rio, Texas (I was assigned there at the Air Force base).

A crusade was initiated to rid the house of mice with mouse traps, mostly in the kitchen. At about 11:30 one night, she wakes me up, tells me one of the mouse traps had gone off, and wants me to get rid of the invading rodent.

As I mumbled something something about waiting until morning to do the task, she insisted I get up and do it right now. Dutifully, I got up, went to the kitchen and removed the trap and mouse and threw everything in the back yard.

Coming back in, I decided to play a joke on my wife. I went to the kitchen sink and started the garbage disposal momentarily, shut it off and went back to bed.

When I got there my wife was sitting up in bed. She said, “You didn’t!”

I said, “Why not, we throw away a lot of stuff in the disposal.”

That went on for about a minute; then I busted out laughing.



Boy next door

Dear Smiley: I knew Barry Seal in the late '60s and early '70s. He ran a business that had those giant searchlights, and he also had a helicopter business.

He was just "the boy next door" to me and my best friend in high school, Betty Jo — we grew up alongside Barry as childhood neighbors.

Back in the 1970s, we never DREAMED that there would end up being a MOVIE about him!


Baton Rouge

Dear Joel: And did he resemble Tom Cruise at the time? 

Stadium memories

Dear Smiley: A few years after getting out of LSU Law School in 1979 and returning to my home town, I began to notice the little things in life that make it such a great adventure.

One day at a barber shop I began talking to an elderly gentleman, Darius G. Fontenot.

Turns out that Mr. Darius had graduated from LSU in 1939. And that he, like me, had lived in West Stadium Dorm, located inside Tiger Stadium.

Just recently I saw a Facebook post from his daughter, Marie F. Moreau, about her grandson who plays tight end on the LSU football Team (Foster Moreau, No. 84).

I'll bet that when Mr. Darius graduated in 1939 he could have never envisioned his great-grandson playing football inside the stadium that he once called home.

Life does take interesting twists and turns if we keep our eyes and hearts open.


Ville Platte

George's hoke

Dear Smiley: I recall this story about country music legend George Jones and his band on a trip to southern California in their tour bus. 

Stopping at a roadside cafe for a lunch break, they stayed around for a while after lunch, to visit with fans and sign autographs.

When he started to leave, George asked what would be the best route to get to "San Josey."

The cafe manager told him that out west a lot of places had Spanish names that started with the letter "J" but were pronounced with the letter "H" instead.

When he got up to leave, someone asked him when he would be coming back to the area after their performances that May.

George hesitated for a moment, then said, "Oh, about Hune or Huly."



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