Martha Swint, of Covington, says, "The story of riding with John Wayne’s brother reminded me of a date in 1943. (Yes, ’43; I’m 91.)

"A new beau took me to an afternoon movie at Lowe’s State theater in downtown Houston. In those days, there often was live entertainment between movie and news.

"On this day, the entertainment was a young singer. I loved it, and evidently kept saying so, as my date finally exclaimed, 'Wow, you really like him, don’t you?'

"Afterward, I asked him to please go find out the singer’s name.

"When my date returned, he said, 'His name is Frank Sinatra.' Neither of us had ever heard of him."

Childspeak revisited

Monte Briggs, of Crowley, says, "When we were young, my dad, like all dads, insisted on turning out every light in the house every time we left as a group.

"One night, upon returning home late from a family outing, he entered the darkened house first with my toddler sister on his hip.

"As he groped for the light switch in the blackness, my little sister’s not-so-little voice was heard to say, 'Hurry up — I can’t see where I’m looking!' ”

Canned heat

"Bob in Baton Rouge" continues our tales of military dining:

"When I was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, whenever we shut down near lunch time, the crew chief’s job was to get some coat hangers, punch a hole in the Beanee Weenee cans and hang them in the hot gas turbine exhaust. Hot Beanee Weenees!

"You could identify old-timers because they had their own P-38 can opener. There was only one in each case of C-Rations."

Double your fun

Carroll DiBenedetto, of Baton Rouge, says, "Mention of twins in a recent column brought this reminder to me:

"I have twin daughters, Angela and Alaine. My third daughter, Dee, has twins, Britany and Brett. Brett and wife have twin daughters, Ky'lee and Bry'lee. My cousin has twin boys and another cousin's son has triplets."

Tip's place

Regi Mullins says mention of the old Baton Rouge nightclub, the Golden Slipper, "brought back many memories. The owner was L.A. 'Tip' Blouin. Tip and his wife were my parents' best friends.

"Tip reopened the bar upon his return from Europe after World War II, with money won in poker games played during the ship crossing.

"He later opened Tip Blouin’s Sports Bar and Lounge on Plank Road. After selling that bar he managed the Elks Club on Third Street for many years.

"S.J. Montalbano later bought and ran the Slipper and continued the music."

Special People Dept.

  • The Rev. James C. Skinner, of The Villa in Jackson, celebrated his 94th birthday Monday, June 29. A Navy veteran of World War II, he has 64 years in the ministry.
  • Carl and Mary Ann Mistric, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 68th anniversary Sunday, June 28.
  • Larry and Martha Broussard, of Prairieville, celebrated their 50th anniversary Tuesday, June 30, with family at Orange Beach, Alabama.

No returns

Alton Duke, of Baton Rouge, says, "We were concerned about how our great-granddaughter, 3, would accept a baby sister. When she first held her, we were relieved when she smiled and said, 'I love her so much; can we keep her?’ ”

The resurrection

Elaine Hasperue, of New Orleans, says, "When I worked at New Orleans Public Service (now Entergy), they had a sign in the office that said 'If you think the dead don't come back to life, you should be here at 5:00!’ ” 

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