Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, sent over a collection of memorable sayings seen on T-shirts.

Sadly, the most timely one is this observation:

"Everything happens for a reason

Sometimes the reason is

You’re stupid and

Make bad choices"

Old-timer's coffee

Mike Whatley, of Cedar Park, Texas, says, "Linda Dalferes' Saturday story of her first 'senior discount' experience reminded me of my own.

"In July, 2000, my wife and I were on a three-day whirlwind house-hunting trip in Anchorage, Alaska.

"We’d stopped at a local Walmart to have pictures of the numerous houses we’d viewed developed at the one-hour photo counter.

"While Mary delivered the film, I wandered into the in-store McDonald’s for a large coffee and a soft drink to enjoy while we waited.

"When the teenage employee told me my order was just over $1, I asked her if she had included both drinks.

"Without hesitation, she pointed to a sign that announced 'Free Coffee for Seniors 62+ on Tuesdays.'

"When Mary joined me at the table, I shared my story and she laughed heartily.

"Alas, I was only 47!"

Alternate cheer

Suzanne Myers, of Mandeville, joins our seminar on "Geaux Tigers, Gaux Tigers, etc."

She says, "The former USL had a cheer:

"'Clap, clap

Clap, clap, clap

Clap, clap, clap, clap


"The verb 'aller' means 'go.'"

Fight fiercely, Tigers!

Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, weighs in on our discussion of cheers for football teams:

"All this reminds me of a time many years ago in the north end zone of Tiger Stadium when someone tried to get this cheer started: 'Harass them, harass them! Make them relinquish the ball.' It didn’t work."

No, it sounds more like an Ivy League cheer… 

Not so triumphant

Speaking of sports cars, Cathy Brouillette says, "In the fall of 1975 my husband Mike came home with a chocolate brown Triumph Spitfire with a black rag top and black interior. We enjoyed driving it through the winter and into the spring. It had a heater, but no AC.

"Then came summer and I was pregnant with my first child, due in October. Eventually the suspension did not provide a smooth enough ride for me.

"Dr. St. Amant had warned me against horse riding and bumpy boat rides. Perhaps he should have included little cars.

"One late August afternoon Mike got stuck in a traffic jam on I-12. He had on a suit and tie, and finally arrived home drenched. The classified ad went into the paper the next day."

Uplifting experience

Randy Clement says, "I had an early '60s Triumph Spitfire which I loved, even though at high speed (well, high for the Spitfire) the hood design caused the front end to lift and seem to float."

Almost famous

Marvin Borgmeyer says, "I am very impressed that Baton Rouge architect Fred Grace can get two hurricanes named after him in the same year!"

Wrong saint

In a Friday story about Howard Hughes, told by Martin St. Romain, his last name came out as "St. Amant."

Obviously a computer malfunction… 

Special People Dept.

— Adrian Decker, of Zachary, celebrates his 93rd birthday Monday, August 23. An Exxon retiree, he is a retired colonel in the Army Reserves.

— Betty Nugent, of Lafayette, celebrated her 92nd birthday Friday, August 20. She is retired from a CPA firm.

— Marguerite Troxclair, formerly of Bayou Goula, now a Baton Rouge resident, celebrates her 90th birthday Monday, August 23.

— Barry and Ginger Rester, former Baton Rouge residents now in Huntersville, North Carolina, celebrated their 62nd anniversary Sunday, August 22.

— Brenda and Earl Smith, of Chalmette, celebrated their 60th anniversary Friday, August 20.

— Hank and Pat Boissiere Ferrand, former New Orleanians and long-time residents of Washington, D.C., celebrate 52 years of marriage Monday, August 23. Hank, a photographer, and Pat have been involved for many years in researching Louisiana African-American Creole history.

— Jim and Jane Callender, of Central, celebrated their 50th anniversary Saturday, August 21.

Thought for the Day

From Emmett Irwin: "Why are our later years referred to as the 'Golden Years?'

"It seems to me they should be called the 'Ferrous Oxide Years,' when everything rusts away and stops working."

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