"The journalists of tomorrow are on the way," says Shirley Pittman, of Baton Rouge.

She reports that great-granddaughter Mazie Landry and her kindergarten class at LSU Lab School published their own edition of The Advocate, with Mazie writing the lead (and only) story, about king cakes:

"King cake is the best. It is tasty and yummy too. I do not like pineapple king cake. I like the one with white icing and purple, green and gold sprinkles. I love king cake."

Mazie was also the "photographer," drawing a color picture of a king cake, complete with sprinkles. 

Like all good newspapers, the Lab School Advocate had an editor, Isabella.

It's comforting to know that when we old-timers have shuffled off to that big newsroom in the sky, another generation of newspaper people will be ready to take over the job of enlightening the public. 

Casting call

Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge, is one of those fortunate people who can find humor in situations others might not find all that amusing:

"I recently had cataract eye surgery, and had to return the next day to get the bandage removed — which was white tape that covered the entire side of my face.

"When I appeared at the desk and the receptionist asked if she could help me, I asked if this was where the auditions for 'Phantom of the Opera' were being held.

"The people in the waiting area heard the exchange and all got a chuckle out of it."

Thongs for the memory

Due to my recent health problems, I had to miss the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade for, as Peter Kovacs says, "The first time since the Hoover administration."

So I haven't done my annual wrap-up of the parade, the theme of which was "Game of Thongs." You just KNOW that has to be a tasteful event…

Dusty Kling, of the Society for the Preservation of Lagniappe in Louisiana, the gang that puts on the parade, says you can find all the winning floats at spanishtownmardigras.com or the Facebook page "Spanish Town Mardi Gras - SPLL."

The coveted Worst Float award went to Krewe of Brew, for "pixilation of judges' photos and no bribes."

As usual, the Best Marching Group title went to the Prancin' Baby Cakes, adorable young ladies who make old men stand up taller and young men talk all out of their heads.

A special Best Use of a Recycled FEMA Trailer award went to Krewe of Hot Air. No explanation necessary.

And the Smiley Anders Journalism Award went to Krewe of Oh Nah Neaux, "For letting other people do their job for them." The float was "a huge blackboard, and they supplied the chalk."

Dept. of Funny Walks

Tales of animal companions continue with this story from Sarah Stravinska, of Chestnut: 

"A friend who was going blind was working with her service dog. The trainer warned her to never just throw out an old harness, but to mail it back for a replacement.

"She was told that some folks would steal the old harness to use on their own dog, in order to pretend it was a service dog.

"I just keep giggling at the thought of my corgis in one of those harnesses. They are so low to the ground that I would have to squat-walk to use them as service dogs."

Special People Dept.

  • Ena Gordon celebrates her 103rd birthday on Saturday, Feb. 24.
  • Mamie Phillips Moore, of Hammond, originally from St. Helena Parish, celebrated her 95th birthday on Feb. 12.

Laser blessing?

Al Bethard, of Lafayette, adds to our "dumb question" list:

"In 2012 some friends and I took a tour of Italy that included an audience with Pope Benedict XVI. Before the audience, the tour guide suggested that those with multiple items to be blessed put them in a bag to hold up for the blessing.

"One lady said she only had a plastic bag, and asked, 'Will the blessing go through plastic?'" 

Louisiana Haiku

Spring is here, I hear

But wait for more chilly days

Nice weather too soon

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